A Spring Boot starter that sets up a “thread” scope similar to SimpleThreadScope. The difference being spring-boot-starter-threadscope supports destruction callbacks such as @PreDestroy and propagates thread scoped beans to asynchronous threads. Thread scope works in regular application contexts as well as web application contexts. It can be used to replace Spring’s request scope.


spring-boot-starter-threadscope is published to the jcenter and maven central repositories. To use the starter, add the following dependency information to your project.




mkRemote (mouse and keys remote) is an application that allows an Android based phone to control the mouse and keyboard of a computer on the same local area network as the phone. The phone acts as the mouse and keyboard, but not the monitor. You must be able to see the monitor or display from where you are holding the phone. There are many possible uses of mkRemote. Originally mkRemote was written to help with the following:

  • Netflix Watch Instantly – This is a feature that allows Netflix subscribers to stream movies to their computer to watch. Watching a movie on a computer has a lot to be desired compared to watching a movie on your TV. Unfortunately not too many people have their computer next to their TV. Depending on your home layout it may be possible to run a video and audio cable from your computer to your TV. This would allow you to control the computer while sitting comfortably in front of your TV. Even if you have a computer next to your TV, mkRemote will allow you to stay seated as you select a movie, pause, rewind or fast forward it.
  • Presentations – Ever need to hook up a projector to your laptop to make a Power Point presentation? Have you had someone sit at the computer while you would say “next slide”? If so, mkRemote could help you drive the presentation yourself as you are standing in front of the audience.


  • Touch screen mouse movement
  • Touch screen tap mouse clicking
  • Trackball mouse movement
  • Trackball scrolling
  • Configurable on screen mouse buttons
  • Keyboard support
  • Most physical buttons such as Call, Volume and Back buttons can be configured to mouse clicks or keys such as page up/down
  • Password protection so that only authorized users may control a computer’s mouse and keyboard
  • Automatically find computers to control on the local network
  • manually specify an IP address and port number of a server to control that is not on the local network
  • Bluetooth server connectivity support
  • Quickly launch applications on the controlled computer by selecting the application from a list of applications on the phone
  • Maximize the window with focus on the server by pressing a single button on the phone (Only Windows and Linux servers support this)
  • Create and execute macros on the controlled computer
  • Virtual on screen PC/Mac based keyboard
  • Boxee / XBMC remote that can connect over WiFi or Bluetooth.


mkRemote is an older app that has not been supported for quite some time. The application has been opensourced so that users and others may continue to use the app. The code is dated in terms of the Android API but has been updated to work with the Gradle build system.